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 Welcome to Foreign Embassies

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Welcome to Foreign Embassies Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to Foreign Embassies   Welcome to Foreign Embassies Icon_minitimeMon Nov 01, 2010 7:06 am

Hi my name is Rothar Rose, Chancellor of Ayr County, Scotland

I'd like each Foreign Ambassador to take pride in their embassy area.

* Each Foreign Ambassador must log in at least once every .......... weeks.
* One Image can be of a CoA (Coat of Arms) or something that relates to your country.
* You might know a bit about your Country/Counties/Town's unfortunately the rest of us don't.

Please write up a brief summary on your various counties, towns, resources, in your country.
(Don't forget to post up your Sea and River Port Levels)
Please post up Contacts: through your diplomacy, embassy departments, trade, county councils etc.
Your allowed to include anything you feel is relevant to your embassy, e.g. a Map, location of your area
(Please fit into the size of: 400 x 400 pixels make sure its not anymore)

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Welcome to Foreign Embassies
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