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 Sample Town Hall Messages

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PostSubject: Sample Town Hall Messages   Sample Town Hall Messages Icon_minitimeThu Jun 03, 2010 6:51 pm

Greetings Citizens!

Please lend me your ears for 2 minutes. I'm very thankful for your precious time!


1) TAXES:: Please pay your taxes now! I have a record of ALL unpaid fees. So, just pay it and tell me how much you want back! It's easy! I will REFUND ALL late fees. I will also REFUND ALL TAXES billed by Fury for 50 pounds, but only if you pay ME while I'm in office.

Paying your back taxes will help delay a NEW TAX.

2) DONATE:: Buy a corn for 10.01 or pledge me money from afar. Whoever buys them will be noted in the Town Hall and forum!

::FINAL NOTES:: Fish WILL be bought at 16 and resold for 16.11 whenever I have funds to do so. (List for 15 to sell it instantly.)

::KUDOS:: I want to thank Piratewench. She just keeps baking. When she runs out of supplies she goes to get more. Three cheers for her! Send her a mail to thank her if you like. I am very thankful. <3

If you have issues selling or buying anything please mail me. Also, if you need a loan for any reason, contact me. (I have wood and flour for bakers.)

Please join me in rebuilding our town. I appreciate every active person and I promise to work hard for you. Thank you for your confidence.

<3 Your Ever Grateful Mayor,

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Sample Town Hall Messages
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