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PostSubject: Omi Surprise   Omi Surprise Icon_minitimeWed May 19, 2010 3:49 am

Ominus : M'lady, what is a woman with beauty and brains like yours doing in such poor company?
Serendipity laughs
Serendipity : You posess talent and compassion that I appreciate.
Serendipity : . . Oh, and I love you.
Ominus looks at her in surprise
Ominus : You do?
Serendipity laughs
Serendipity : You know I love you Julius.
Ominus grins
Ominus : Yes, perhaps so - And you should know by now that I love you far more than I possess words to describe.
Serendipity smiles.
Serendipity : I suspect, but until you prove it I won't be fulfilled.
Serendipity : Umm. Okay completely fulfilled.
Ominus bites back a smile as he looks into her eyes
Ominus : Proof is a requirement?
Serendipity answers quickly.
Serendipity : No. Of course not.I would be happy with you to eternity with no proof.
Serendipity : Or so I think.
Ominus laughs and motions for her to climb off his lap.
Serendipity stands up and takes a seat on a stool.
Serendipity drinks her beer.
Ominus takes her hand as he stands, giving her a gentle smile "Well, eternity is a long time, but I love you and would like to spend every moment with you, right up until the day comes when I run out of moments."
Serendipity smiles.
Serendipity : As would I My Dearest.

Ominus kneels, as he reaches into his pocket "That is, if you would consent to that", and as he withdraws a small package from his shirt he looks at her "M'lady, would you do me the favour of becoming my wife?"
Serendipity puts her hands to her face and begins to cry
Serendipity manages to say: "Nothing would make me happier."
Ominus : If you say no I'll understand . . Yes?
Ominus looks at her, feeling his heart halt and climb it's way up his throat.
Serendipity giggles, her eyes filled with tears.
Serendipity : Yes. I will marry you Julius!
Ominus grins widely, as he climbs to his feet, embarrassing her joyously.
Serendipity scoots off her stool and puts her hands on his face. She kisses him gently and joyfully.
Ominus : And today you made me the happiest man in the world
Ominus takes the ring out of the box and slips it on her finger gently.
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Serendipity cries and nods while looking at the ring fondly.
Serendipity: It's perfect Julius! It's beautiful.
Serendipity kisses him again
Ominus returns her kiss tenderly, before holding her in his arms for a few long moments.
Ominus: It says le mo shrasa mis.
Serendipity whispers "It's perfect Julius. . . I am my Beloved's and my Beloved is mine."
Ominus smiles and holds her close. Her head rests upon his chest, and his head rests upon hers.
Ominus whispers quietly, his own eyes a little moist "thank you".
Serendipity uses her dress to wipe away her tears of joy.
Serendipity kisses him again.
Ominus smiles and wipes a stray tear from her cheek with the tip of his finger, then he retrns her kiss tenderly.
Serendipity : I love you more than anything. Thank you for making me so incredibly happy.
Ominus : I just hope I can return some of the joy that you bring to me daily.

They stand in silence for minutes.

Serendipity : I'm sorry I'm so speechless Honey.
Ominus chuckles.
Serendipity : I'm just so happy and I have a lot of letters to write. I can't wait to take on this adventure with you.
Ominus smiles, a slight touch of sadness appearing in his eyes at the mention of "letters", but a feeling he quickly chases away. It wouldn't do to spoil her moment.

Serendipity : What's wrong?

Ominus : Nothing, Almost everything is perfect
Serendipity : I suspect you have a deep pain Julius. I want to know about it.
Serendipity : I think it's time to tell me now.

Ominus : I . . .
Ominus looks at her for a moment and nods slowly
Serendipity : I accept you completely. You know that. You can tell me anything.
Ominus sits silently contemplating what to do here.
Ominus : I'm sorry it had to be today. You deserve to be happy today.

Serendipity looks into his eyes; sparkling, caring eyes.
Serendipity smiles at him and brushes the hair over his ear with her fingertips.
Serendipity : Would you like to tell me tomorrow then?
Serendipity smiles sweetly. He is silent, so she hugs him tightly.

Ominus smiles and gives her another kiss, lowering his voice, which isn't necessary due to the fact they're alone "I'm sorry for not telling you early, but it is still rather painful for me."
Serendipity speaks gently : "Pay that no mind. We'll talk about it tomorrow. Today we will rejoice. You deserve it too Julius. You do."
Serendipity cuddles him, placing her head on his chest as he holds her close in silence.

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PostSubject: Re: Omi Surprise   Omi Surprise Icon_minitimeThu May 20, 2010 6:54 am

This will continue in a backstory in another RP:

Serendipity : Yes.
Ominus : Now, you had a question yesterday- about my past?
Ominus laughs and takes both her hands in his, giving them a squeeze
Serendipity : You know I value you that way. You are amazing in both heart and mind.
Serendipity puts her hand on his on her chest

Ominus : Let's see..
Serendipity nods
Ominus : Ah, where to begin?
Ominus smiles sadly and looks at her
Serendipity looks concerned "I'm sorry you've had to hold onto a pain for so long."
Ominus : I think
Ominus : I would like you to know, it'd feel good to finally tell someone
Ominus nods
Serendipity : We can talk now if you like.

Ominus : My Father was a fairly respected gentleman, He'd risen to a position of power, I guess you would have called him a count, He was in charge of a large amount of land, many towns with a good few Lord's beneath him..
Serendipity : I'm listening Dearest.
Ominus takes a deep breath and starts at the beginning

Red_cap : oh did i walk into something
Serendipity : Hi Redcap!
Red_cap : hiya
Serendipity plays with the fasteners on his shirt
Red_cap enters the tavern and takes a seat at the table.
Ominus : I guess he was fairly liked by them, I never really got time to see it all myself

Ominus : From a young age I had to begin training, first as a squire. Father wanted me to become a knight..

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Posts : 162
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PostSubject: Re: Omi Surprise   Omi Surprise Icon_minitimeThu May 20, 2010 6:58 am

Ominus : So I was out training with the other men, sword fighting, riding, and so on, while father was running this vast amount of land
Serendipity looks surprised, but motions for him to go on.
Ominus : It turns out there was some kind of secret order that wanted him to do things a certain way, and being the man he is, one who honoured and respected his people, wanting the best for them..
Serendipity begins to frown and listens intently
Ominus : Well he learnt more about this order and their goals, and decided to refuse to go where they wanted, he instead began to lead his followers in a different direction

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Omi Surprise
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