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PostSubject: Ruby Order   Ruby Order Icon_minitimeSat Apr 17, 2010 10:51 pm

This site is up and ready to be launched. Charter is in progress:

The Ruby Order

I. About The Ruby Order (TRO)

A. The Ruby Order is a military organization for all Scots who want to defend their town, County and Scotland. We are based in Galloway, but we protect and serve all citizens of Scotland.

B. We work under contract. If we are contracted by the County we will defend or attack as instructed. We have no agenda other than our contractor's needs.

II. Ranks and Structure
Soldiers may only hold one office at a time unless necessary.

A. Military Structure

1. ***** Office Commander: Orchestrates political and forum management, creates and approves all contracts.

a. Removal/Appointment ~ The Office Commander can not be removed, but may retire or retreat at any time, appointing someone else Interim Office Commander in charge upon his/her absence. If the Office Commander disappears for a period of one month or more the Interim Office Commander will become Office Commander permanently. If the Office Commander becomes inactive the Fief Commander may appoint an Interim Office Commander of his/her choosing.

b. The Office Commander appoints the following officers:

***Treasurer - Heads up all fund raisers and keeps track of donation and funds. Has full control of inventory and finances. The treasurer works directly under both the Office Commander and Grand Marshal. He/she shall coordinate with the County Captain and the County Sergeant. A normal term is two months, but the treasurer can be replaced at any time by the Office Commander.

***Spokesman - Maintains the calendar and events. Posts letters from Commanders in RK forums when necessary. In conjunction with the Office Commander this is the public face of the army and requires excellent communication skills and attention to detail. Term is two months.

2. ***** Grand Marshal: Commands and positions armies and troops.

a. Removal/Appointment ~ The Grand Marshal can not be removed, but may retire or retreat at any time, appointing someone else Interim Grand Marshal in charge upon his/her absence. If the Grand Marshal disappears for a period of one month or more the Interim Grand Marshal will become Grand Marshal permanently. If the Grand Marshal becomes inactive the Office Commander may appoint an Interim Grand Marshal of his/her choosing.

b. Appoints the following officers:

i. **** Strategic Commander: Takes and decodes all intel and works with the Grand Marshal on their game plan. Maintains morale and assists in facilitation of the troops orders. Hands out commendations and increases morale. The strategic commander works hard to ensure morale is high.

ii. *** Colonel: A Colonel shall work with the Strategic Commander to find flaws in security of both allies and enemies. All intel shall be sent directly to him for discussion with the Strategic Commander.

iii. *** Major: The Major will do role calls and investigate security of towns with the Colonel. The Major shall assist the Grand Marshal in notifying soldiers of their duties. While the treasurer runs all fundraising opportunities, the Sergeant shall encourage participation in these events and help to maintain morale.

iv.*** County Ambassador: In war times this will be the County Captain. He/she shall approve TRO armies and coordinate with the Duke, TM and Sergeant. Works with the TRO treasurer to manage funds and allocate them out. Coordinates grants of food and goods where necessary.

v. ** Captain of the Guard: Each town should have a Capt of the Guard (whenever possible). This Captain will protect the town's citizens and work with the Mayor in safeguarding their home.

While part of the TRO, a Captain of the Guard shall only leave town in order to transport or escort citizens safely. He/she shall not take part in national armies, but instead protect the home front. Their loyalty is to the town and the people in it.

He/she must be given permission by a Major (or higher officer) before resigning their post.

B. Commendations:

Honor Guard: Honor Guard are those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty and have been awarded with a metal by the Grand Marshal or Strategic Commander. There is no limit to the metals you can receive. Metals include: Metal of Honor; Metal of Valor; Metal of Sacrifice; Metal of Nobility; Metal of Generosity; Metal of Morale.

Knight: A knight is an elite soldier. To qualify as a knight you must fit at least two of these criteria:

1. have 200+ strength
2. have been in a battle
3. have won 3 duels

Soldier: To qualify as a soldier you must complete the entry questionnaire and be approved by the Magistrate. You must have taken the oath or you do not qualify.

Soldier's oath:
I , _____ (in game name), _________ (spoken name) do hereby swear loyalty to the Knights of the Galloway. If I am affiliated with other organizations I will keep my loyalty to bot. Should I have any question of my loyalty I will remove myself by notifying the Commandant.

I will obey the orders of the officers appointed over me and respect the chain of command according to the charter of the RSA. I will respect my superiors appropriately in all cases and accept any punishments handed down for not doing so.

Should I have a need I will reveal it. Should I have a problem I will reveal it. I will never spy on my own persons or reveal anything posted in a private forum. The only exception is when the Magistrate or Steward deems it appropriate.

Should I want to join another organization or if my allegiances ever change I will notify the Commandant and my commander and be deleted from private forums.

I will cooperate and follow orders as much as is possible. So is my pledge.
For Scotland! For the Knights of Galloway I pledge my loyalty.


All soldiers shall call superiors by Sir or their rank. (For simplification, there is no Maam). Officers of similar ranks may use first names in discussion, but only when that has been agreed upon.

Dissension and disrespectful forum posts will be met with an edit and warning and on second offense a suspension of 3-7 days. This is up to the Commandant or Magistrate. The Commandant shall take all attempts to create order. If that means suspension for two arguing parties so be it.

This is the roughest draft possible, but I welcome feedback and I'll edit this as I work. Thanks!

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Ruby Order
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