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PostSubject: Proposed Platform   Proposed Platform Icon_minitimeSun Oct 25, 2009 11:29 pm

Proposed Platform M_Ms

. Who are we?
Our name says it all. We are current and former Mayors, Mentors, Councilmen, Ambassadors, and National Representatives. We read laws and we read into them. We look for what would really benefit you and then we fight for it.

We are hard-working individuals who won't get lost in personal politics. We are informed, experienced, outgoing, smart, active, patient, confident and hard working. We are not afraid to take the reins and take care of business. We are not about politics. We are about results and hard work. We arenít power hungry. We arenít about pretenses or appearances. We are about cooperation and looking at the overall picture.

. Our Wishes For You:
A cooperative, informed and experienced Council and an active interaction with the community where every citizen can make requests and ask questions. We also want a Council who informs you of what you can do to help every step of the way.

We live here, and we love it! We want everyone in Galloway to feel valued. We welcome immigrants from all places in the world. More people means better efficientcy and of course more working in the mines, more experienced Councilmen and educated people to teach in our Universities.

Proposed Platform ChiefCandidates

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Xenina : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

Xenina is the current Judge of Galloway, but she has served as Trade Minister, Public Prosecutor and Duchess. She's also a long-term Mayor of Whithorn and the town has had great success. About three months ago she served as temporary Duchess for a week and a half. However, during that short time she did the following:

1) She initiated the change from 100% Private County Council communication and made some of the CC Public. Darian and Penn have done a great job in continuing this transparency.

2) Xenina also signed a Treaty of Peace with Cumberland's Duchess Beemo. This created a foundation of friendship with our neighbor and allowed Cumberland to take the final step of opening the border.

3) Xenina also made a great effort to understand each and every position in the Council to better lead the team. With experience as a Mayor and a TM, she has also gathered knowledge about the mines and how they function. She knows what each town and the County have to deal with as far as costs. With experience as a Public Prosecutor and Judge, she sees the loopholes that need to be filled and continually works on them, even now.

4) She submitted detailed Duchess reports including some Celebration numbers, Prestige, Nobility and Contentment information. She also told you how YOU specifically could help the County. No other Count has ever done this and we fail to see any reason why. Three reports were posted that week:
[rp]Her Grace's Duchess Report, August 21st:

County's prestige
Prestige : 1.41 [/rp]

[rp]Her Grace's Duchess Report, August 26th:

County's prestige
Prestige : 1.62 [/rp]

[rp]Her Grace's Duchess Report, September 1st:

County's prestige
Prestige : 2.05 [/rp]

They are all available here:

Xenina is very qualified in the economics of Galloway and wants to lead a very experienced former Mayor as Trade Minister. It is her belief that no one should serve as a Trade Minister until they have served as a town Mayor.

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Arien Von Mainz : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

Currently working as the Head of Public Relations for the Royal Scottish Army, Arien is very involved in politics, serving on Galloway County Council as a National Assembly Representative. This has provided her with valuable experience of both County and National issues. Arien lives in Whithorn when she is not on the march with her husband Dracmuller Mactavish.

Her goals include improving the cohesion in the County Council and supporting people with positive feedback more often. Very Happy

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Benjamin Conalae : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

Benjamin Conalae Rose Williams was born in Whithorn and quickly joined the Town Council. Soon after serving as Mentor he was promoted to Deputy Mayor. He currently serves as Whithorn's Chief Mentor and serves as a Scottish Ambassador. He plans to run as Mayor in the next town election. He has served in England and Scotland. Previous positions include Mayor of Lichfield, Stafford Parliament Member, Multiple-term Sheriff of Stafford, Member Of The House of Parliament, Mine Super, PP, Judge, Constable and At-Large of Galloway along with Ambassador to Multiple Places from Scotland, Stafford and England. In the English College of Heraldry he was Norroy King of Arms.

When asked about goals, Benjamin admits that he wants to increase player participation, and retention. He also plans to create detailed Sheriff Reports for Galloway, including tables and visuals so that citizens can better understand the office.

Fun facts: The >.> face is "Conalrighted".

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Bricksand : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

Bricksand Octavius Campbell currently lives in Dumfries. He's held numerous political positions such as Mayor of Girvan, Galloway Council Captain, Chief Town Marshal, National Assembly Representative, Officer of the RSA and Octavian Legion Officer. He is currently serving as Laird Ayr Campbell, Order of the Warriors of Light, Conclave of the Ancients, Galloway Council Sergeant and Galloway High Council Representative as Minister of War.

He wants to promote efficiency and effectiveness in CC and make Galloway an ideal County. A fun fact about Bricksand. We hear he's a sweet lover (whatever that means). Laughing

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Seyc : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :
Seyc has been elected as Mayor of Wigtown several times now. Under her leadership the town continues to thrive. She's continued to help and mentor people and politicians. She has also served on County Council as Judge of Galloway and in unseated spots.

Proposed Platform Economics
. Economics:
The heart of the County and every town is the economy. A free-flowing economy keeps people paid, fed and everything functioning. Our ideals:

. Trade Minister: A TM should have extensive experience as a Mayor. Our last two Trade Ministers have suffered greatly because of the confusion this causes when they take office. They toil and work hard, but they lack that knowledge of a town Mayor. It's not easy to be TM, but it is much easier if you know what issues a Mayor faces every day. Without that experience a Trade Minister simply doesn't understand the full needs of a Mayor. They may also not understand how fickle markets can be. We must carry an inventory in the County coffers in order to fix market issues when a town encounters hard times. However, we should never lead town policy, as it is not the job of the County.

. Minimum Wage: We find changing the Minimum Wage unnecessary.

. Taxes:
We donít believe that taxing without a working program is useful to the County. The current Duke ran on an extensive "taxing platform" and yet he never implemented a thing. That's because some Council member have been making it too complicated. First fields versus second fields?? That is not in the Mayor's tools. He/she can not set the taxes different for different field numbers (only the crop).

We believe that 30 pounds per person is too much. If we did vote to implement a tax, we would prefer a tax of 15 pounds per month per active citizen (not in retreat - most citizens in retreat are paid back by their Mayor). Also, we would bill per month, not every two weeks, as it will save the Mayor funds that could be used for other things.

Taxes will go only to authorized programs and will never be used to fund an army.

. Ports: We are not in favor of developing ports and ships at this time. The costs are completely ridiculous. We're talking many thousands of pounds. Instead, we should work on debt and becoming more self-sufficient, not pushing for taxes that will then go to pretty ports and ships that are totally unnecessary.

A healthy economy and happy people here means good prestige (see Xenina's prestige record above) and that means a healthier County overall!

Proposed Platform ACloserLook
. The Mayor: It is the job of the Mayor to keep their people fed, paid and the market stable. Above all, Mayors must be helped so that they can do this. Mayors should be encouraged and supported. This is important because we need dedicated Mayors badly in this entire Country.

Lately the markets have been unstable, following the war. Weíll do what we can to aid the Mayors of the County and make sure that every citizenís economic concerns are met. The Mayors are directly responsible for the needs of individual citizens and we should give them the power to do so. We are in favor of allowing Mayors to set their own price caps in order to stabilize their markets.

. The Capital: One thing that we must not overlook is our Capital Town of Dumfries. It is maintained completely by Bethan out of the kindness of her heart, but we would be in favor of giving our Capital more support (both emotional and financial). First of all we thank Bethan for her hard work and we salute the people who continue to live there, regardless of their ability to have only one field. We'll do everything we can to help this town survive and to thrive.

Proposed Platform Prestige
. Prestige:
Prestige is low again we need to bring it up. Galloway should have 5 points and for good reasons:

1) Prestige means health and full function. It means we're doing things right.
2) It saves us money on hiring Level 3 Point hiring, but we must not spend more than it's worth.
3) Low prestige can lock us out of our offices and cause turmoil on our finances. Also, with the sea routes opening, we might need a County sanctioned army.

. Celebrations: We have plenty of stone in the inventory. When Duchess, Xenina did an evaluation. She used items in the inventory based on their prevalence (over-production) and their assigned world values. In other words, she used less money to make the Celebration look bigger to the system and got rid of excess (over-produced) items:

Example World Values:
13.74 ~ Value of One Stone
05.82 ~ Value of One Wood
18.40 ~ Value of One Fish
11.38 ~ Value of One Wool
16.52 ~ Value of One Knife
18.39 ~ Value of One Iron

World values used for Celebrations are completely variable and are decided by the entire world (every town market is included).

Proposed Platform TheMines
. The Mines: Our mine system is doing well, but it needs constant maintenance and vigilance. A good mine super is active in their job every day. It is a very large part of the County's income, and it should be treated with that much respect.

Enrollment will always be a problem when the population is low. We need to work harder to keep new people interested and playing.

. Gold Mine Wages: The Council voted on October 5th to raise the gold mine to 17 pounds. The vote succeeded. We would have preferred 16.50, so that this wage could compete partially with farm wages in Drummore. We also noticed that no one asked the citizens of Drummore what they wanted.

. Other Mine Wages: We believe that anything higher than a 16 pound wage on stone and iron would be a mistake. We also see no point in raising the stone mine wage, when we have so much and it isn't being sold out as well as excess iron could be sold out. Any wage raise will raise all field hiring and that would undoubtedly raise the entire County's pay range. We are not blind to this. It isn't to be undertaken lightly.

Proposed Platform Cooperation
. Co-operation:
No matter what the percentage of vote we get, we will cooperate with the other Council members. We arenít about fighting or being petty. Weíll work out whatever needs to be done. We're working in your best interest and every one of us will pledge to work hard for you!! Weíll also cooperate with other entities and Counties.

Proposed Platform Communication
. Communication:
We propose more public announcements as to what your Council is doing and we will file reports on time. We also want to make sure that we are up to date with what other Counties are doing and begin using our traders again. Traders are extremely successful for normalizing our stock and selling for profit when used well. This last term, old Official Traders were insulted by being completely ignored when they volunteered to carry grants out. Drew Christie is in retreat now due to this. We certainly hope our valued trader to England will come back if we promise her work.

Proposed Platform Security
. Security:
Standing armies are no longer needed, but they are great for prestige. We'll make sure to leave armies away from the border to avoid bothering Cumberland.

We will not be shy if a threat rises. We will create an army and use it to strike down anyone who invades us and kills our people. We will not take our time voting and debating and deciding and then end up doing nothing. We are proactive. The Constitution gives us the power and the right to defend ourselves and we won't be a sitting duck Council. Ports will not go undefended.

We will work for your security. We need to be a strong County, not a pussy cat. We need a reputation of strength to keep us safe in the future. Our hope is that our surrounding Counties continue to be kind and cooperative, but should we need to, we are not opposed to be serious about our County's protection.

. Towns:Lelouch has worked very hard to secure our towns. Every town now has marshals and/or Constables/Captains. We strongly encourage reserve militia programs in towns. These are the only way to defend economically. We need town defense and want people to foster a sense of pride in their home. Mayors depend on volunteers in active towns. We will do what we can to help every Mayor is assisted in their security.

Proposed Platform TheLaw
. The Laws:
We are educated in what the law can and can not do. Right now they are not specific enough to enforce. They still are unspecific and contain loopholes. We will advance discussion and voting on law changes.

Why have laws that can't work for the people? We will also do what we can to make sure that every citizen has the rights afforded to him or her. Legal punishments should be equal with the accused intent. We are actively using the penal colony and want to continue doing so. We are understanding and lenient, but we will not be merciful toward wrong-doers that purposefully break the law and harm others.

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Proposed Platform
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