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 Letter to the People

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Letter to the People Empty
PostSubject: Letter to the People   Letter to the People Icon_minitimeTue Aug 18, 2009 11:22 pm

Greetings Good People of Galloway,

I apologize for any emptiness you may have been feeling as of late, when we lost our Duke's active participation. Roy fell ill and as such he could not perform all his duties. He resigned as soon as he knew he couldn't perform his County duties.

Too long have I been hearing the people say they heard this or that or there is a rumor of such. Rumor and fallacies are great at knocking down our County morale and I have no need for them. Please set aside your personal agendas and stand strong with me now. We must unite as a County and as a people. I may be biased, but I believe that we are the greatest County in this nation. From us are born the greatest leaders and fighters for justice.

Today we stand strong in our resolve to rid Scotland of one of the greatest threats we have faced in Scotland's history. The Fury army has taken steps to breaks many laws, first with their formation, then with their killing of innocent travelers here and in other Counties. This will not stand. We, the people of Galloway will not stand for it.

I hereby remove any approval the previous Duke gave to the Fury and the Whitesnow. They broke Roy's trust when they first raised a sword against a non-Campbell.
I hereby appoint Julius Octavius and his Caledonian Guard as an official County army, fighting with and for the people of Galloway. Steward or no Steward he fights for justice now and he has our full support.
I hereby approve any army formed by Dracmuller, our loyal RSA General of this region. I also approve of any army split that Dracmuller creates to protect our County. He is a great military leader and he shall protect our County with us. We are grateful to him for this.
I approve any army formed by Roy Garlock, the Field Marshall of the RSA and also any army forces formed with his approval.

I care not about the past, but I look into the future and I hope that you will join me and endeavor to accomplish peace. Unfortunately peace comes to the strong, who will fight for it! Take up your shafts, your axes, your swords and your shields my Countyfolk. Bring yourself to march with JO, or patrol the City of Wigtown or the City of Dumfries. Fight or defend. It is your choice. We appreciate you all.

We will protect our County and our people. Join us. Donate to our Peace Task Force Fund and do whatever else you can. I thank you deeply from my heart.

Xenina Ramsay
Duchess of Galloway

P.S. Please note that abusive fraud will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and is a serious crime in times of war. I will not tolerate any attempts to take profit from our war efforts.
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Letter to the People
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