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PostSubject: Ayr mailing   Ayr mailing Icon_minitimeMon Jan 31, 2011 6:46 pm

I'm moving our default location to Egremont England, a place with full taverns and lovable people. Please come with us!

You have a choice of town and I do need that ASAP, but I'd love to have you with me. I can't stay in Scotland after the way we've all been treated.

Anyway, their bread is 5 pounds and their meat is 17. They are excited to hear from us. Just read what they said:

From their DUKE:

Our county is as you know the border town so we have a number of standing armies, we like to think of our selves as different to most of England, more tolerant and certainly we have an independent spirit.

We do some of the mst active people in all of England. We do have a county debt but it has been stabilized and with mines hitting optimal again we have started to reverse the debt. We are sure with more numbers and team work this can continue.

I am unable to write much this very minute but will reply again later when at home.

Many thanks for this info.

Good luck and I hope we can talk about integrating your town ship and making Keswick a place you can all call home.


Notes from Jken, mayor of Egremont:

We would love to have you. We have some of the greatest folks here, lots of fun, generous, crazy people.

Our town is solvent and successful. Mines are great pay, 17. A sizable group actively engaged in town business.

Hhmm, what else? Fish slapping. We do a lot of that. We just grew our own priest, and since his ordination he's gone properly insane.

We have a good Uni. We're running a free ferry to and from Liverpool. For fighters we offer free sword and shield for anyone who does a stint on the walls of Carlisle.

I'm really glad whenever we get anyone new to stay
and a whole town! I couldn't believe it if that happened!


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Ayr mailing
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