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 Seri and Andy Crack Me Up

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PostSubject: Seri and Andy Crack Me Up   Seri and Andy Crack Me Up Icon_minitimeThu Jan 13, 2011 6:53 am

Funny, but start at the bottom . . naturally.

= = = = = = = = =
Serendipity : Hahahaha!!!
Andrew.Patrick: Huh?
Serendipity : As far as you know . . .
Andrew.patrick : MR SUNGGLES didn't like the dress, HE was not a fairy
Serendipity : Don't tell on Fury when they blow us up?
Andrew.patrick : There is a moral here.
Andrew.patrick grins evilly
Beckiboo11 smiles listening to the siblings remenisce
Serendipity : I tell on you and you took my bear for penance.
Serendipity : Poor bear
Andrew.patrick : he got bloweded up
Serendipity : It was closed casket for a reason. What did you DO to him?!
Andrew.patrick : no, he died heroiccaly, saving the world
Serendipity : Yours met an untimely death
Serendipity : We had the same kind of bear
Andrew.patrick : nuh uh
Andrew.patrick : I did not have any dolls
Serendipity : Riiiiiiiight.
Serendipity : We had the same doll. You killed yours. Remember?
Andrew.patrick : that was my teddy bear
Serendipity : That was MY doll, Mrs. Snuggles
Andrew.patrick : ok, what about that time you took Mr Snuggles and put a lacy dress on him?
Beckiboo11 grins
Serendipity laughs
Serendipity : They loved their pink fatigues . . . I mean warsuits
Serendipity : Hahahaha! Now you're just making stuff up
Serendipity laughs
Andrew.patrick : they were made of paper
Serendipity : And those soldiers were dirty. They needed a bath
Andrew.patrick : pink is not a good colour for an army
Serendipity : They liked it
Serendipity : I just brushed their hair and put on a nice hat
Serendipity : I did nothing.
Andrew.patrick : anyway, it was only because of what you did to my horsey and my soldiers
Andrew.patrick grins
Serendipity : They never listened to me. Damn dolls.
Serendipity : Damn followers you know. They are lemmings!!
Serendipity : Hahaha.
Andrew.patrick : if they had tried harder to get away from the fire, they would have ...
Serendipity : They deserved to live
Serendipity : torturing my dollies was not "fun"
Serendipity : Shhh
Serendipity : Hahaha.
Andrew.patrick : yeah, but that was funny
Beckiboo11 chuckles
Serendipity : If you need a reason how about my entire childhood . . where you tortured me incessantly
Andrew.Patrick: What was that for?
Serendipity flicks Andy's ear
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Seri and Andy Crack Me Up
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