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PostSubject: Application   Tue Oct 26, 2010 5:21 pm

Fill out this application to be considered for the Clan Sharpe.

Remember any member of Clan Sharpe can veto your application. However this is only done for serious reasons.

1) Why do you want to be in our clan?
2) What are your goals? What are you most interested or involved in right now?
3) If another member does something that you dont agree with, what do you do?
4) Are you a cooperative person? Do you believe in teamwork and a chain of command and will you follow it?
5) What if someone asks you about our clan or about private information discussed within the clan?
6) Are you active? Do you plan on being active in the future?
7) Give us one reason why you deserve to be a Sharpe:

People will only be asked to take the pledge once they are officially accepted:

I, _______ do hereby swear loyalty to the Clan Sharpe. I will always stand at the ready for my clan. I will never discuss clan business with outside persons.

If I have any need or concern I will share it with my mentor or clan chief. If I want to leave the clan at any time I will tell the clan chief immediately so that I can be removed and RPed out.

So is my pledge.



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