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 [Class Open] Introduction to Politics: Class 2/10

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PostSubject: [Class Open] Introduction to Politics: Class 2/10   Tue Jan 05, 2010 7:17 am

Welcome to Introduction to Politics: Mayors and Mentors CLASS 2

In this class we'll engage your in game abilities, your sensibilities and teach you all about managing a town.

Anyone may attend classes, but you MUST enroll (in the student registration section) in order to participate in class discussions. If you are not actively enrolled I ask that you not post.

Let's begin:

CLASS ii) Basic Town Defense

1) What to defend against
a. If you are in a capital, you may be called upon to protect the Castle (The Castle is the "Baliwick". It's where the County Council work and where the treasury is actually located... if someone in game revolts, they must contact admin with their intent to take the capital when they revolt on your town).
b. Town revolts and pillaging.
(Criminals and/or multis and/or foreigners can take your town just by clicking a button (REVOLT). This uses their daily moves/work and their name and/or information MIGHT be shown to the Defenders/Marshall/Militia. If a revolt occurs and fails, you will often get the note that you recognized Joe in the group of revolters.)

2) Who can protect you?
a. Militia (You can hire up to 4 Militia in your Town Hall. You set the pay wage. You can also set the hiring to a rotating schedule, ie. 1-2-3-1-2-3 and so on.)
b. Captains of the Guard/Constables (Constables are a must-have for every town. This is the person who check Lavabo after reset every day and tell you how many foreigners and/or possible criminals you have in town today. People can NOT revolt until they have arrived in your town.)
c. Marshals are County-Paid defenders and are rarely needed. They are often used for towns like Dumfries though, as our Castle is there AND it is on the border.

3) How attacks work:
a. Group A (the revolters) must have MORE than twice as many people as the defenders have. So, if the revolters have 7 people, we only need 4 people defending. If they have 6, we only need 3 people defending.

b. The person that has the highest Charisma will become Mayor/Duke in the case of a revolt. There are all kinds of strategies involved in stealing from the Town or County.

4) Lavabo

June 9, 2009
Constable/Town Captain Safety Checks in Lavabo
When voted or appointed as constable/capt for your town, you'll need to make sure and check for criminals in your town at the beginning of every day.

1) Go to and log in as usual. You will see a menu on the left side.
2) To read it in English click on this symbol:

3) Before using Lavabo for the first time you will have to configure your browser. In the left hand menu under the language is a link called F.A.Q. You'll see instructions for configuring your current browser in here.
4) Now that you are configured, to find the villagers in your town, look in the left hand gold menu and look for "Town Hall". Under the "Town Hall" heading you will see an option highlighted. It says "Villagers".
5) You'll need to "Take the Census" once a day. In this image you'll see the box that says "Take the census". The census takes about 5 minutes to load. If someone else has taken the census in the last 24 hours, it will say "The census has already been taken today. Only one census per day allowed."
6) Scroll down the page and look for anyone highlighted in pink. This means people have just come into town. At the very bottom of the page you'll see a bunch of Level o's. Those people were just born and they do not count as travelers.
7) If you see any criminals or people from other towns, contact the mayor and tell him/her the number of persons that are not citizens that are in your town.

Note: Sometimes criminals will move to a town ahead of time for an attack, so watch out for known criminal names and/or people that are part of a group. If you are unsure of criminals, give the list of names to your mayor or ask your mayor to check Lavabo. Mayors are more experienced and should recognize who the criminals are.

Coursework --> Configure Lavabo, give me the count of foreigners in your town today. How many people from Wigtown are traveling?


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PostSubject: Re: [Class Open] Introduction to Politics: Class 2/10   Tue Jan 05, 2010 7:20 am

Something I forgot to include in this that I meant to was:

Go to MEMO in the top left of the Lavabo screen. Find the profits for making bread and/or calculating your fight points. This is one of the COOLEST tools in all of RK.

Don't want to be ripped off buying clothes?? Type in the price for wool and hides and see how much that weaver is trying to overcharge you.

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[Class Open] Introduction to Politics: Class 2/10
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