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 United Founders of Bravia

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PostSubject: United Founders of Bravia   Tue Dec 22, 2009 11:11 am

. Who are we?
We are citizens with knowledge and life experience, but most of all with the best intentions to improve and make progress on a Vice Royal level. We read laws and we read into them. We look for what would really benefit you and then we fight for it.

We are hard-working individuals who won't get lost in personal politics. We are informed, experienced, outgoing, smart, active, patient, confident and hard working. We are not afraid to take the reins and take care of business. We are about results and hard work. We are about cooperation and looking at the overall picture.

. Our Wishes For You:
An interactive, eager to learn and honest Council that works hard to cooperate. We also want a Council who informs you of what you can do to help every step of the way. We live here, and we love it! We want everyone to feel valued. Our goals include improving the cohesion in the Council and supporting people with positive feedback more often. Very Happy

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Xenina, Chief Candidate : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

Xenina has life experience as a serious but cooperative leader. Her main goal is to submit reports that will give you true transparency into the Castle.

Xenina is very qualified in economics and welcomes your questions.

. Economics:
The heart of the County and every town is the economy. A free-flowing economy keeps people paid, fed and everything functioning.

. The Finance Minister: An FM should have the highest ability to cooperate with the Towns and Mayor. It's not easy to be FM, but it is much easier if you know what issues a Mayor faces every day. Experience is a plus.

A healthy economy and happy people here means a healthier Bravia overall!

. The Mayor: It is the job of the Mayor to keep their people fed, paid and the market stable. Above all, Mayors must be helped so that they can do this. Mayors should be encouraged and supported.

. The Mines: Our mine system is doing well, but it needs constant maintenance and vigilance. A good Mine Minister is active in their job every day. It is a very large part of our income, and it should be treated with that much respect.

Enrollment will always be a problem when the population is low. We need to work harder to keep new people interested and playing.

. Co-operation:
No matter what the percentage of vote we get, we will cooperate with the other Council members. We’ll work out whatever needs to be done. We're working in your best interest and every one of us will pledge to work hard for you!!

. Communication:
We propose more public announcements as to what your Council is doing.

. Security:
We will not be shy if a threat rises. We will strike down anyone who invades us and kills our people. We will not take our time voting and debating and deciding and then end up doing nothing. We are proactive.

We will work for your security. We need a reputation of strength to keep us safe in the future.

. Towns: We strongly encourage reserve militia programs in towns. These are the only way to defend economically. We need town defense and want people to foster a sense of pride in their home.

. The Laws:
The laws are lacking and unspecific and contain loopholes. We will advance discussion and voting on law changes.

Why have laws that can't work for the people? We will also do what we can to make sure that every citizen has the rights afforded to him or her. Legal punishments should be equal with the accused intent. We are understanding and lenient, but we will not be merciful toward wrong-doers that purposefully break the law and harm others.

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United Founders of Bravia
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